FlashCanvas Pro 1.1 is released

What's new in FlashCanvas Pro 1.1?

FlashCanvas Pro 1.1 has several bug fixes, optimizations and additional features. The following is a list of those changes:
  • Various bug fixes in drawImage().
    • draw-image-flip.html, an example from ExplorerCanvas project, is now rendered correctly.
    • Images are rendered in the right order.
  • Optimize stroke().
  • Optimize fillText() and strokeText().
  • Optimize drawImage().
  • Reduce CPU time consumption.
  • Add JPEG support to toDataURL().
  • Implement "Save Image As..." in the right-click context menu.
  • Implement event bubbling for click and dblclick events.
  • Remove ambiguity from the license.


FlashCanvas Pro 1.0 is released!

I am pleased to announce that today I released FlashCanvas Pro 1.0.

What is FlashCanvas?

FlashCanvas is a JavaScript library which adds the HTML5 Canvas support to Internet Explorer.
It renders shapes and images via Flash drawing API, and in many cases, runs faster than other similar libraries which use VML or Silverlight. It is released under the MIT License and has been developed on Google Code.

What is FlashCanvas Pro?

FlashCanvas Pro is a professional edition of FlashCanvas. It features:
  • Support almost all Canvas APIs including text, shadow and pixel manipulation.
  • Utilize Flash Player 10 features if available, that provides better performance and compatibility (Flash Player 9 is also supported).
  • Available free of charge for non-profit use. Commercial license is also provided.
The differences between the editions are described here in more detail, and the supported Canvas methods/attributes are listed in Canvas API page.

Although FlashCanvas Pro is closed-source, I will gradually backport the source code from FlashCanvas Pro to FlashCanvas. In other words, FlashCanvas Pro is merely the latest version of FlashCanvas in my experimental branch. By paying a license fee, the user can use advanced features of FlashCanvas Pro ahead of other users.

What is the benefit of using FlashCanvas Pro?

FlashCanvas Pro helps you innovate HTML5 Canvas in your site. By installing FlashCanvas Pro on your site, you can suppose that most visitors use a Canvas-compliant browser. FlashCanvas Pro is very helpful in developing cross-browser Canvas demos and applications.

To demonstrate the capability of FlashCanvas Pro, I prepared many examples and test cases.
You can try them out online in the Example page. Those examples are also included in the distribution package.

Future plans

FlashCanvas Pro is still under development and has some problems especially in drawImage() method. I plan to release the next version as soon as possible, which will have an improved support for drawImage().

I expect that it will be also possible to utilize FlashCanvas as an ActionScript graphic library. If you want to port a Canvas application to Flash, for example, FlashCanvas may be of assistance.


EDIT: I replace the file FlashCanvasPro-1.0.zip by the new one because I found a bug in toDataURL(). If you downloaded the file before Feb. 13, please redownload it.