FlashCanvas Pro 1.1 is released

What's new in FlashCanvas Pro 1.1?

FlashCanvas Pro 1.1 has several bug fixes, optimizations and additional features. The following is a list of those changes:
  • Various bug fixes in drawImage().
    • draw-image-flip.html, an example from ExplorerCanvas project, is now rendered correctly.
    • Images are rendered in the right order.
  • Optimize stroke().
  • Optimize fillText() and strokeText().
  • Optimize drawImage().
  • Reduce CPU time consumption.
  • Add JPEG support to toDataURL().
  • Implement "Save Image As..." in the right-click context menu.
  • Implement event bubbling for click and dblclick events.
  • Remove ambiguity from the license.



Anonymous said...

Hi Shinya,

Just tried out your flashcanvas and it shows great potential. I could not get the pro version working (no js errors) but the free version appears to be much faster than excanvas.silverlight so this is very good.

I will investigate this more in a few days, but this project has excited me.

Good work


Guido Tapia

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