FlashCanvas-20100623 is released

This is the third release of the free edition of FlashCanvas.

What's new in FlashCanvas-20100623?

  • Added a code which emulates ExplorerCanvas library.
  • Added basic support for fillText() (thanks to code from fxCanvas).
  • Added JPEG support to toDataURL().
  • Supported data URI scheme in drawImage() and createPattern().
  • Implemented "Save Image As..." in the right-click context menu.
  • Implemented event bubbling for click and dblclick events.
  • Made it possible to use FlashCanvas library installed in other domain.
  • Optimized drawImage().
  • Reduced CPU time consumption.
  • Various bug fixes in drawImage().
    • draw-image-flip.html, an example from ExplorerCanvas project, is now rendered correctly.
    • Images are rendered in the right order.
  • Fixed a bug that arc() failed to calculate the central angle in some cases.
  • Fixed a bug that swf.resize() method could be called before ExternalInterface was ready for use.
  • Fixed a bug that resize event canceled createLinearGradient().
  • Switched to using onunload event instead of onbeforeunload event.
  • Included several additional Canvas demos.
  • Some minor optimizations.



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