FlashCanvas-20100904 released

What's new in FlashCanvas-20100904?


  • Reimplemented fillText().
    • Supported transformations of text.
    • Supported an alpha value of a color.
    • Supported font size with a unit other than "px".
    • Supported font family that contains white spaces in its name.
    • Supported the textAlign attribute of "start" and "end".
    • Gradients and patterns are not supported yet.
  • Implemented strokeText().
    • At present, strokeText() fills text as fillText() does.
  • Implemented measureText().
  • Made it possible to call initElement() before appendChild().
  • Prepared FlashCanvas.setOptions() method for future use.

(Bug fixes)

  • Line styles were not set when the strokeStyle attribute was a CanvasGradient or CanvasPattern object.
  • Patterns were painted ignoring the globalAlpha attribute.
  • arc() didn't add the end point to the subpath when the central angle was greater than 2 pi.
  • closePath() must do nothing if the context has no subpaths.
  • IE8 didn't preload the swf file when the URL was a relative one.
  • Many minor bug fixes.

Improved support for Canvas Text API

This release of FlashCanvas finally supports fillText(), strokeText() and measureText() methods, though they still have some problems. Please see the following examples from Canvas text project.



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