FlashCanvas Pro 1.5 released

What's new in FlashCanvas Pro 1.5?


  • Improvements to drawImage() and createPattern().
    • Further optimization.
    • Implement error handling.
    • Accept any object that has a src property.
  • Supported a few new options.
    • "swfPath" option
    • "imageCacheSize" option
    • "usePolicyFile" option
  • Supported asynchronous loading of flashcanvas.js.
  • Made it possible to set the options via a window.FlashCanvasOptions object.
  • Throw an exception if the given arguments are invalid.

(Bug fixes)

  • The combination of clip() and globalCompositeOperation was not supported.
  • Shapes with shadow were displayed in the wrong position when clipped.
  • arcTo() occasionally drew a straight line of infinite length by error.
  • arc() didn't add the start point to the subpath when the startAngle and the endAngle were the same.
  • restore() didn't restore the clipping region correctly.
  • clearRect() should not clear the pixels outside the clipping region.
  • Special characters in a url need to be escaped when passed to Flash.
  • toDataURL("image/jpeg") must composite the image to a black background.
  • Many minor bug fixes thanks to the canvas test suite developed by Philip Taylor.



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